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Jiangxi Kingnord Industrial Limited is the First and the Only US FDA inspected multi-purpose facility in China.

Jiangxi Kingnord is specialized in Custom Manufacturing of intermediates including GMP advanced intermediates from small to large scale. as well as the development and production of various intermediates, chiral Products, heterocyclics and some new reagents according to market requirement.

R&D and Technology

In our R&D center covering around 1300M2, more than 40 technicians are working hard for Contract Research and Custom synthesis in small scale.

In Kingnord’s modern laboratories, multi-purpose production plants, we have successfully done most kinds of reactions including traditional and new-appearing reactions. We keep close watch on the new-appearing technology in order to improve our productivity.

In the last five years, we did too much on chiral technology and got some successful experience in both small and large scales,including kinetic resolution with D-Tartaric acid and Dehydroabietylamine, as well as auxiliary-assistant synthesis based on D-(-)-alpha-Phenylglycinol and (S)-(-)-Methylbenzylamine etc.



USA & Canada
Latin America


Kingnord has established business relationship with more than 300 customers worldwide including many first class pharmaceutical or fine chemical MNCs including: Honeywell, Roche, Genetech, Bayer, Menarini, Cephalon, DuPont, Genzyme, AsahiKASEI etc.